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slayergirl21 [userpic]
inuyasha, sesshoumaru/kagome higurashi set A #2even in death
by slayergirl21 (slayergirl21)
at December 6th, 2009 (08:14 pm)

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title: his love's death
author/artist: slayergirl21
pairing/character: Sesshoumaru/Kagome Higurashi
fandom: inuyasha
set (a,b,c,): A
theme(or bonus them, please stipulate): #2 even in death
rating: PG-13
disclaimer: i don't own inuyasha
summary: kagome is hurt in the battle and when sesshoumaru sees she's hut after the battle he rushes towards her pushing everyone out of the way to get to her and be by her side. when he gets to her he finds her still awake and is bleeding very badly, he tries to cure with the tensaga and sve her but she tells him no and that she wants to remember him and her love for him and that she hopes he joins her in heaven. sesshoumaru gives her a kiss telling her that he loves her and never wants to let her go ever when she is in his arms. kagome smiles at him she touched his face with her hand after she kissed him when her hadn falls dwon from his face with her eyes closed she died. and sesshoumaru howls for his loss love and how he loves her even in death.


Kagome and them were in a heated battle against naraku and his minions that they were facing off inuyasha and Sesshoumaru were protecting everyone.

But mostly Sesshoumaru was protecting Kagome and Shippo from them getting hurt because he loved Kagome very much and ever since they mated he has been with her since he joined the group in the quest to kill Naraku and his minions.

When out of nowhere a tentacle flies by him as he was about to chop it off form trying to hurt Kagome the tentacle reached her and struck her in the side of her body.

She almost fell down while Shippo was screaming mama when Sesshoumaru turned around he found she was bleeding on her side but he was worried that she was still standing and he knew she wanted to get this fight over with.

He was proud of her but also worried about her too he knew Shippo will help since they still had this fight to get over with.

When the fight ended and naraku was destroyed finally after it took them hours in their fight and the shikon was whole again after Kagome purified it.

She started to sway on her feet with her still holding the shikon Sesshoumaru rushed to her before she could fall he caught her in his arms and went down on his knees with her in his lap.

He was almost crying with tears almost coming out of his eyes because he loved her to much and he realized that everyone was crying along with him when he realized that a few tears escaped his eyes.

He was holding her in his arms whispering words that he loved her and cared for her and he will be there with her when he does die and they could be together again.

While everyone else was still crying even Rin and Shippo who was almost balling in tears from crying so much.

When he stood up he told her Kagome “I’m going to save you with tensaga I want you to live and be with me please Kagome I don’t want to lose you”.

She told him when she grabbed his pants leg by her hand “Sesshoumaru no I would like to die in in peace with you in my arms now please hold me again so I know that you love me and would never let me go ok”.

He nodded even though he was still crying he told her “I will hold you koi don’t you worry because I love you with all my heart didn’t this Sesshoumaru tell you that”.

She nodded while she had tears coming out of her eyes along with everyone’s tears coming out of their eyes because they were sad for her and what she meant to a lot of them.

When she coughed up blood form speaking to much sesshoumaru held her tighter knowing she needed him right now and he will do anything for her even if it meant his death for him to be with her too.

When she said to him through the coughing of blood coming out of here mouth “I love you sesshoumaru please don’t for forget that ok I will always be with you even in in your heart and you will always be with me in my heart even when I pass and I will I will see you on the other side I love you sesshoumaru”. w

When she said that he was still crying and he couldn’t even control his emotions because he was sad for her and he wanted so badly to be with her but he had to be strong for her because he knew she would of wanted that from him.

Before she closed her eyes sesshoumaru gives her a kiss that tells her of his feelings for her after he did that and she kissed him back after she put her hand on his face after that her hand fell and she closed her eyes.

He howled into the air and everybody backed away with tears still coming out of his eyes for missing and loving her and he will still love her .

Even after years without her which it will be since he buried her and he will join her someday when he gets old or dies in battle and he will never be apart from her again even when he was dead because he remembered he promised her and she promised him even in the end.