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How many different universes can you think up?

Go on then. There are other worlds than this.

10 Hidden Realms
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Welcome to 10 Hidden Realms. This community is based around the principle that not every pairing works well in its original fandom. Therefore, sometimes, we need to look beyond that and into an alternate universe. The idea behind this challenge is to construct ten alternate universes using the themes stipulated.


Number One: In light of my becoming interested in Homestuck, we're rescinding the "pairing" rule. You can claim a fandom, provided it hasn't been chosen before, although it is *preferred* you claim a character/pairing/OT3 (I ship Dave/TZ/Karkat, so I can't comment on OT3s...)

Shounen-ai/slash, yuri/femmeslash, incest, and bestiality (as in, a humanistic animal, not a real animal) are permitted as well as writing about real people. However, in that last instance, you must place a disclaimer stating that these situations never occurred and this is all in your head. This covers both you and me.

Crossover pairings are all right too, as long as you tell me which fandoms each hail from.

Original pairings are permitted, but not encouraged because if we're unfamiliar with the fandom, how can we really tell if it's an alternate universe or not?

And if you indeed write using original characters, put a claimer on your work stipulating that these characters belong to you (as opposed to a disclaimer, which would state that they didn't).

Number Two: Pieces of all lengths are permitted here as well as artwork. While I can’t draw well myself, why should my limitation stop you? If you want to draw it, go ahead. Just fake-cut/link us to your picture.

The same goes if you wish to post something on your own writing journal instead of LJ cutting it.

However, since this is primary a writing community, writing is encouraged.

Number Three: Please post in a timely manner. If you do not post at least once a month and do not tell me why/request an extension, I'm going to assume you have no interest in posting and will delete your claim.

Number Four: When claiming, please state your couple’s first and last names, their respective fandom(s), and which set you intend to use. The bonus themes are in replacement of any five themes on a given set or in addition to the ten.

Number Five: No flames. If you can't give constructive cricitism, don't speak at all.

Number Six: When posting, your subject line must read:
Fandom, Pairing, Set and Theme

Number Seven: All ratings are acceptable, but please denote what your piece is.

Number Eight: No combining themes. There are only ten to begin with, after all.

Number Nine: In the body of your entry, please put:

Set (A, B, or C):
Theme (or Bonus theme, please stipulate):

To claim a pairing, please click here- Claims

If you wish to drop your pairing or request an extension, head here.
Dropped/Finished claims.

Important!: You can only claim two couples/fandoms/characters/OT3s at a time and they must be from two different fandoms. This way, no one gets butt hurt about it.

The Themes

Set A
1. An impossible situation; ne’er shall the couple meet
2. Even in death
3. Online romance
4. In a world without electricity, you are my life line.
5. Star crossed lovers.
6. Jailed/punished unjustly; framed
7. Tower of Babble; speaking two different languages
8. Inappropriate feelings (i.e., incest)
9. Tourniquet
10. Dream lover

Note- if you’re claiming an incestuous couple, which is all right by me, substitute number eight for a bonus theme. Don’t take the easy way out.

Set B

1. Stuck in an unhappy relationship
2. Loss of a sense; mute
3. Murderer
4. Adultery
5. Trapped in the wrong flesh
6. Spirits wandering
7. Jealousy
8. Drowning
9. Reincarnation
10. Stranded; trapped

Set C

1. Natural disaster
2. Fairy tales
3. Poisoned
4. Betrayal
5. Nipped in the bud; what-if?
6. Forgotten; amnesia
7. An incurable disease; a mortal injury
8. Possessed
9. Selling your body/soul; prostitution
10. Slavery

Set D (a.k.a. In a Dark Place)
1. Killing rage
2. Grief
3. Destruction and catastrophe
4. Save the world or destroy it
5. Set the city on fire (can be literally or figuratively)
6. No one’s getting out alive
7. Let the bodies hit the floor
8. Cemetery
9. Dark clouds
10. Light

Set E
1. Candy red
2. Carnival
3. Hall of mirrors
4. Going downhill
5. Carousel
6. Prizes
7. The fix is in
8. Shenanigans
9. "Screw you guys, I'm going home."
10. Home is where the heart is.

Bonus Themes:

1. Suicide
2. Royalty
3. Money; Power
4. Fame; Fortune
5. Bound by the social hierarchy

List Alpha suggested by cybra2003
1. Cliches
2. Confusion
3. Mistaken Identity
4. Misunderstanding
5. Rage
6. Fancy Dinner
7. Embarassing Situation
8. Terrible Date
9. Unhappy Ending
10. Wedding

List Beta suggested by darkmoon_light
1. How ironic
2. At the end of all things
3. Pity
4. Redemption
5. Searching
6. Windows
7. Last chance
8. In a garden
9. Failure
10. Dangerous games

1. First snowfall
2. Snowed in
3. Sleigh riding
4. Snow day (either for work or school)
5. Christmas (or its equivalent non-denominational holiday)
6. Chill (can be taken metaphorically or literally)
7. Deep slumber
8. Winter storm
9. Ice skating/skiing
10. Spring is coming

The Fandom Mix (in which we put tropes from other shows into one list)
1. Secret agent (Phineas and Ferb trope)
2. Strange science (Fringe trope, also could be Jimmy Neutron)
3. Wish-granter (Fairly Oddparents)
4. Time travel (Doctor Who, also JN, Harry Potter, etc.)
5. Losing your heart (Kingdom Hearts)
6. Imaginary friend (Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Fairly Oddparents)
7. After the apocalypse (Adventure Time)
8. Solving mysteries (Gravity Falls)
9. Sentient animals (Pokémon, others)
10. Superhuman (inFamous, etc.)
When choosing a trope from this list, bear in mind that if your series revolves around that particular idea, you must substitute from another list.

1. Fire
2. Water
3. Air
4. Earth
5. Electricity
6. Run to ground
7. Overcharged
8. Firestorm
9. Drained
10. Hurricane

1. Tiger
2. Panda
3. Wolf
4. Mythological animal of your choosing
5. Butterfly
6. Turtle
7. Platypus
8. Dog
9. Goldfish
10. Shark

Got an alternative list you think should be added? Click here and show me!

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